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Collecting Information on ProTem

If you would like to begin the process of placing a loved one in our care, contact us by phoning 506-874-9652 or emailing to have an initial phone consultation that can be followed by a personal tour of the facility.
There are some standard admitting procedures to be followed, including patient assessment, and we will guide you through the process.
We accept residents assessed as level 3b with any type of memory disorder (Dementia) which includes Alzheimer’s, Lewy Bodies, Parkinson’s, Pick’s, Korsakoffs, vascular (multi-infarct) and frontal lobe.
Many people ask if we will keep their loved one until the end and the answer is yes. Our staff members are very skilled in passionate and caring palliative care for residents through end-of-life stages.

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Arranging a Tour

Please call us at 506-874-9652 or email us at to inquire about arranging a tour.

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Waiting List

Our waiting list varies but normally we can accommodate your loved one within a reasonable period of time. On some occasions, there is virtually no delay; at others, a small wait.

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The palliative care coaching I received from Dr. Whitmore and Francine, the nurse, at my mother’s end stage was very helpful. I felt useful, not stressed, and I know it helped my mother.

Denise LeBlanc, Dieppe, NB

My mother lived her final years just as she would have wished – in a loving environment, full of laughter, friends, and snacks! Her deep need for socializing was recognized and encouraged.

Michael Proud, Moncton, NB