As with all homes, location and landscaping are two things that help people immediately fall in love with our properties.
Our five properties are located in the scenic Gorge Road/ Mountain Road area of Moncton with easy access to the Trans Canada Highway.
Our homes, which bear no outward signs indicating they are care facilities, blend beautifully into their neighborhood and look like any large family home. That is the intentional feeling we want to portray.
Three of the properties are side-by-side with an exquisitely landscaped, shared backyard. The other two homes are on large properties just around the corner, allowing our management to be close to the scene for all homes. The backyards in all five homes are secured with fences.
Our homes are also close to doctors’ offices, pharmacies, hospitals and a fire station.
Looking out from the inside of our homes, residents have two choices of views. From our living room in each home, they can look out on a busy street with lots of activity to watch. From our kitchen window in each home, they can gaze into the tranquility and beauty of a landscaped yard with gardens and walking paths. They can pick their view to match their interests on any day.
Our large, landscaped lots allow residents to be outside in good weather to enhance their physical and mental health. Residents can walk with or without staff in these areas. For residents who want to walk further into their neighbourhoods with staff, access is easy. In fact, our home at 2166 Mountain Road has a right-of-way from the driveway so walkers can go right into a subdivision.
Layouts and design
From the moment you step into our properties, you feel the pleasant ambiance of a private home. In typical Maritime tradition, the kitchen is the heart of our homes.
Our hallways are not too long and go in a circular pattern so residents can easily end up back in the kitchen, the centre of the home.
Using a professional interior decorator with special knowledge of the impact of color to create a calm and tranquil environment, we selected pleasant shades that flow though the homes and blend wall colours, window treatments, flooring and furniture.
The walls in common rooms and hallways are filled with specially selected artwork that has content of interest to our residents. Every picture has a purpose.
There is always a staff member in the kitchen and as the residents gravitate there, they always find someone to talk to and someone to watch over them.
We have three tables for four persons in our kitchens, with one staff person sitting at each table for lunch and dinner meals.
Our kitchen is also furnished with comfortable upholstered chairs, including recliners for those who want to put their feet up.
With our house layout, it is very easy for residents to find their bedrooms from the kitchen and easy for staff to keep track of where the residents are at any time. All but two of our bedrooms are private. Private rooms range in size from 125 to 160 square feet.
Our exits have security features to limit elopement options.
For additional security, the exit doors lead to a fenced-in back yard for two or three doors per house.
Recognition for our design approach
We have been honored to have our homes profiled on an international scope as excellent examples of residences for patients with Alzheimer’s and related illness.
We were featured in Environments for People with Alzheimer Disease: Issues, Case Studies and Design Guidelines 2003 which featured homes around the world and was prepared by the University of Manitoba School of Architecture.
We were also profiled in the publication Housing Options for People with Dementia prepared by the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation in 1999.

With your friendly demeanor, special attention to individual needs, great food, bringing in outside services (animals, music, etc.), personalized door plaques, and the daily caregiving, you gave special meaning to my mother’s end of life.

Shirley Hilton, Shediac, NB

Each of you has a special gift. I see it in the way you take care of my godmother with such patience, compassion, laughter, and love …and all of this is done with a great deal of respect and dignity. Thank-you for giving her the precious gift of family.

Cecile Robichaud, Dieppe, NB