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Visiting Your Loved One

From the beginning, our primary goal at ProTem Health Services Inc. has been to serve the residents and their families with kindness and respect. That philosophy permeates through everything from our physical design to our therapeutic programming to our staff selection.
It is particularly evident in the relationships we build with the family members of residents and our accommodating attitude in ensuring they can spend time with each other and accommodate their unique circumstances.
We have very flexible visiting hours. With only ten residents, our homes are never crowded, even with staff and visitors present.
Families are encouraged to visit whenever they wish. They can visit in the kitchen, living room, bedroom, outdoors on the properties or by going for a drive.
Families are also welcome to come for a meal, at no charge. This is a great way to visit a loved one and allows our residents to feel that they are looking after their family. Personal shopping is provided for residents whose families live away or live locally and cannot do it themselves.

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My Mom was diagnosed with dementia in 2011 and we had to locate a nursing home that could meet our Mom’s and family’s needs. We were living 1,400 kilometres away and we had some big concerns.

We did a considerable amount of research on how to pick a nursing home, visited many and then I asked a family friend who is a pharmacist what he would do. He told us about a place called ProTem Health Services. So we scheduled a visit.

ProTem has an amazing concept for caring for residents who have dementia and Alzheimer’s. You walk in the home and are greeted by a happy and engaging staff. The house is bright and clean. The kitchen is the centre of activities that looks onto a beautiful patio. Residents are taken outside for walks and activities frequently. In the summertime they have garden parties with engaging activities and games (and delicious snacks too). Residents are encouraged to engage in activities (and there are many) that interest them.

Living so far away, we really never know exactly when we would get to visit Mom at ProTem. More often that not we would arrive unannounced. She and the other residents always looked lovely.

The residents would be engaged in various activities. There was always conversation and laughter in this home environment.

I would call often and speak with the staff and they would tell me how my mom was and what she was up to. ProTem gave us the security knowing that my mother was in a safe environment and well cared for in the final phase of her life.

We would like to thank Chris and Paulette Wallace and the Ladies at 61 Gorge who showed great compassion and dignity to all their residents.”

Shirley-Anne Miller, Downingtown, PA

My father did not require any emergency visits to the hospital in his three years with ProTem. In the long-term care facilities he resided in prior to yours, when his dementia was not as advanced, he went many times.

John Gillis, Moncton, NB